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'. . . ringing, rising spires 
of ecstatic air . . .'
© 2016  Neall Calvert



       “Give me
         one good summer . . . 

             Friedrich Hölderlin (1770–1843)

FAR FROM THE CITY, summer dust
sings my car down Texas Creek Road,
clinging to the Coast Range’s parched east side.
Ranches on scrub-grass bluffs overhang
the wide, winding Fraser Canyon, hundreds
of feet up. “Warning: Road Not Maintained
Beyond This Point.

Mid-day in thirty-eight-degree heat, hot dogs sizzle
on my camp stove; small peeled carrots,
potato salad chill. Two horses standing stock-still
snub the photographic river vista. My rough
two-wheel track waits with divine,
dust-soaked patience . . . under ringing,
rising spires of ecstatic sapphire air . . . waits . . .

     Church With No Walls, Cathedral of Silence,
      I take Communion, receive your calm sacraments. 

Thirty years I travelled seeking stillness
bigger than worry: a place where solitude
melts loneliness; where, in the bliss
of sun-drenched, smiling moments,
at once ascending like an osprey 
        and tenderly touching earth, I claim 
                the unnameable, invisible motherlode.

Osprey Family at Lillooet, BC, Canada
© 2016 Neall Calvert

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