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Words and Ideas 
That May Help at Midlife

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© Copyright 2018 by Neall Calvert

Goldfish Glow  (c) 2018 by Neall Calvert
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      "The wisdom 
            with which you lived 
                  the first half of your life   
                        is not sufficient 
                              to get you through 
                                    the second half."

                                    [ thank you, Naomi Moseley

     The ones who most successfully navigate midlife
              are those who reinvent themselves.
               [ thank you, Gail Sheehy

   "The primary task of the second half of life
        is the recovery of personal authority, namely,
        to discover what is true for oneself
        and find the courage to live it."

        [ thank you, James Hollis

           "The pain pushes you
                 until the vision pulls you."

                   [ thank you, Rev. Michael Beckwith

     Nature wants us to be here, to revel in its magnificence.

               A is for ATTITUDE

      Miserable again?
            Mad, sad, bad or glad
                        Try some gladitude!

                         [ Thank you, 
                                  Rev. Angelica Jayne Taggart ]

"When you're feeling
         lower than a toad on mowing day
                  don’t hunker down—reach out."

                      [ thank you, [Texan] Landon Saunders

       Call no man hero
               who has not opened his heart.

      Embraos the chaos—
            full catastrophe living.

               [ thank you, Jon Kabat-Zinn

The purpose of illness and accidents
is to teach a greater perspective on life.

Feeling conflicted or fearful?
No dilemmaDalai Lama.

      To get the love you want, you have to give it.

           [ thank you, Chuck Spezzano

                You can’t 'take Heaven by storm . . .
                         Heaven is a hierarchy of love.   


          Feeling insecure? Too small? Too big?
                Become spiritual. As a spiritual 
                      Person / Soul Being, you are the equal
                            Of anyone on the planet.

Nowadays millions live like kings . . .
       Fewer act like kings—
              for the good of the realm.

               I forgive the part of me
                     that judges the addicted part of me.

      There is only one fear:
            of the unknown
                    —the darkness—
                             within me.

          It is time the world took its inner eye
          away from an angry God and set it toward
          'Him who healeth all diseases, 
          who redeemeth the life 
          from destruction . . .'

                       [ Thank you, Emma Curtis Hopkins,
                           in High Mysticism, ca. 1910 ]


Stress-relief choice:
holiday or hospital.

                     ENDING ANGER

       Give people your peace of mind
       Rather than a piece of your mind.

              FOR THE FIRST TIME

I had thought that because I was suffering
         I needed to be alone, but actually it was being alone
                 that was most of the suffering.

      Misery has a purpose:
             It teaches me
                    to find my joy.

      Loneliness is
             a spiritual disconnect
                    whose solution lies
                           in more solitude
                                  rather than
                                         more socializing.

      When you’re doing what you love,
              no matter where you are,
                      you’re in Heaven.


       Never buy or sell anything Big
             when youre feeling
                   Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired.

                         [ thank you, D.A.






"Membership in a society, tribe, nation, church
or other group is of the utmost importance,
since it represents support and protection
without which the single individual 
can only manage with difficulty, 
if at all."
[ thank you, Emma Jung 
& Marie-Louise von Franz
in The Grail Legend (p. 76) ]

"Trauma, if it doesnt destroy us, wakes us up 
both to our own relational capacities and to 
the suffering of others. Not only does it make 
us hurt, it makes us more human, caring, 
and wise."

[ Thank you, Mark Epstein, M.D., 
psychiatrist, author and Buddhist,
The Trauma of Everyday Life, p. 203


"We don’t see the world as it is,
             we see the world as we are."

                    [ thank you, Anaïs Nin

       "Sometimes what appears as love is merely passion
             and what appears as friendship is really love."
                  [ thank you, Ed Varney            
                  British Columbia graphic artist and poet ]

      "Our greatest glory lies not in never falling
              but in rising each time we fall."

                [ thank you, Confucius


          A headache 
          is not 
          an aspirin-deficiency 

                BUMPER STICKER:

                No Jesus, No Peace
                Know Jesus, Know Peace

          They dont care 
                how much you know
                      until they know 
                           how much you care.

                                  [ Thank you, John C. Maxwell ]

        Love dissolves problems
               or doesnt create them 
                       in the first place.          

“The older you are, the more humbled
ve probably been. Our mistakes can help
prepare us further. . . . Sometimes it
s when we feel
that we have failed or made mistakes that
t be corrected and we think it is all over for us
that God looks at us and says:
‘Can we start now?’

[ Thank you, Marianne Williamson 
(speaking at the launch of her book
The Gift of Change) ]

          The only revolution
                 I want to start
                        is one that spins awake
                               the human heart.

To live in Heaven 
while still on Earth,
see everything in the world 
through the eyes of love.


The longing for belonging,

the longing to be celebrated

and the longing for inner peace

can all be satisfied when we

discipline ourselves to discover

a relationship with

a ready-and-steady, reaching-and-teaching,

demonstratively compassionate Higher Power—

Ascended Masters, Council of Light,

Family of Light and Love—

a connection the capacity for which

is hardwired into every human brain.

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