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Neall Calvert

Vancouver, BC, Canada
& Campbell River, 
Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

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One-World Jewel  © 2017 by Neall Calvert

NOTE: Nealls two essays,
 Encounters with Friedrich Hölderlin, 
Germanys Poet of the Gods
and Rainer Maria Rilke: Singer of Solitude,”

have been combined into the e-book

What I Learned from Two Great German Poets
now available for $4.95 at

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What readers are saying 
about Neall Calvert’s POETRY
and ESSAYS. . .


* We waited all day for your poem to arrive.


 * Well done! 
  David Carpenter, senior Canadian writer, 14 books published

(Poem: Turn Crosses Into Art)


* An exquisite poem.
 FF, professional counsellor

(Poem: "Unwakeable Sleeping Infant")

"Unwakeable Sleeping Infant" has been published at the Recovering The Self online journal. See:


* A lovely theme. I like the relationship with nature
that you express, especially her response to you.  C.M.

* Its like an orphan rediscovering his long-lost
loving parent (mother) and experiencing
her embrace.  J.S.

* I like this treatment of a very spiritual moment.  G.W.

(Poem: River Love”)


* Powerful . . . left me wanting more. . . . Cannot question your logic, flow or impact . . . Bravo!  
M.D., music teacher

(Poems of Seeking: a.k.a Eight Spiritual Poems)


* Impressive. . . . Brilliant use of the dialogue format.
— G.W.

(Book: THROUGH TO THE NEW: A Dialogue with 
Higher Self: Transforming Hopelessness and Despair
through Unconditional Love 


* I love how you express your feelings in the piece. You are obviously a gifted writer.
— B.T.

(Book Review: Walking Through Illusion: Jesus Speaks
of the People Who Shared His Journey:
An Emotional Biography,
by Betsy Otter Thompson)


* I’ve just finished reading for the second time “Confessions of A Vancouver Cloud Watcher” and I was blown away by it. It’s beautiful and I will be reading it again and again. There’s so much in it I have to think about. It touches the heart. I will read it again in the morning.
— D.N.

(Essay / Memoir: “Confessions of A Vancouver Cloud Watcher”)


* Wow, what a powerful storyteller you are, Neall! You are to be commended! 
— E.H.

* Great stories, great writing.
 — F.F.

* Keep up your great writing, as you are amazing!

* I really enjoyed your story, your creativity and your ability to paint pictures with your words. It's beautiful, keep up the great writing. 

* I loved the essay as there was such powerful clarity and honesty in the experience.

(Memoir: Growing Up On A Tractor: Darkness and Light Among the Fraser Valley Mennonites) 

This essay appears in Recovering The Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing, Vol. VI, No. 2, Nov 2017, available at (use the coupon code RTS_THANKYOU for 50% off). See also  

* I really enjoyed your story about growing up in rural Mennonite country. I felt like I was right next to you on the tractor(s). I hope you will consider contributing to the next issue as well.

 —Victor Volkman, publisher,
Recovering The Self journal


* Im impressed with your writing skills and also with the
layout on your weblog. . . . Keep up the excellent quality 

writing; its rare to see a great blog like this one nowadays.
* This website is truly remarkable . . .

* Fabulous essay. So glad I found this to read tonight. Thank you. (Re: Essay / Memoir: Rainer Maria Rilke: Singer of Solitude)

Online comments


* Your essay on Hölderlin is absolutely phenomenal. You are an amazing writer.

* An excellent essay, Neall your research, knowledge and evident passion for Hölderlins work is impressive. 
 — The Solitary Walker (Robert Wilkinson), U.K. 
(Essay / Memoir: “Encounters with Friedrich Hölderlin, Germany's 'Poet of the Gods”)


“I realized my job was to make life real for myself
and for others in language against which
our normal defenses have no power.”
poet David Whyte
[ ]

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What clients and judges are saying 
about Neall Calvert’s EDITING

Writers Digest 20th Annual
Self-Published Book Awards:

Honorable Mention 2013
for Song On My Lips: Jazz Greats Were My Mentors
by Stephen T. Botek / assisted by Kyle Hawke
[for which I was final editor and proofreader;
there were 6,000 entries]

Grammar: 5 out of 5

What did you like best about this book?
Another major strength is this book’s editing. 
The mechanics, spelling and grammar are close to impeccable . . .

How can the author improve this book?
Hard to find anything to criticize in Song On My Lips. 


* Thank you so much for everything. Bruce holds
your opinion in very high regard.
Jo Blackmore, publisher,
Granville Island Publishing Ltd.,
regarding the Bruce Fraser novel
On Potato Mountain: A Chilcotin Mystery
* Your ability to focus on the fine detail and yet 
maintain the 30,000-foot perspective is a rare talent. 
I am fortunate to have had you reviewing [proofreading]
my book. Thank you.
— Wullie (Bill Galloway),
author of the memoir
They Called Me 'Otherwise':
Stories of Growing Up
in Africa, Canada and Scotland 
 * I'm very grateful for this rigorous editing. I agree with
all your comments and recommendations. Thanks again
for such meticulous attention to detail. It is exactly
what I wanted.
— Duane Lawrence, author of two
Sammy Squirrel children’s books


* Thank you, thank you, thank you. . . . I am more than happy with the results.
— D.N., writer of Maori-oriented short stories

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Fifth Avenue Diamond 
(c) 2017 by Neall Calvert

What viewers are saying about 
Neall Calvert’s photography . . .

* Your book Mandalas: Photographs in a Water Glass
is beautiful beyond words. I would recommend it
to anyone as a high-quality art piece. 
 — M.D., music teacher and painter


* [Re Mandalas]: Uplifting, harmonious imagery. 
— O.W. 


* Fabulous. Colour . . . design . . . energy movement . . . 
I get joyfully giddy dizzy just looking at it! [re: Double Star Celebration (below)] 


Double Star Celebration
(c) 2017 by Neall Calvert

*     *     *

Neall Calvert is a writer, poet, photographic artist and spiritual-therapist-in-training. He was a professional journalist and has more than twenty years’ experience editing and proofreading articles, essays, poetry and books, both fiction and non-fiction, including many about healing, recovery and personal growth. 

To view Nealls photography, including his mandala images—symbols of playfulness and wholenesssee Contact Neall by leaving a comment below, by phone at 250-202-2202, or by snail mail to:

#11 - 600 South Dogwood St.
Campbell River, British Columbia
Canada  V9W 6S1


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